Photo of Troy Gardens homes from community gardens
With the generous support of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, the National Community Land Trust Academy is conducting its first case study of the Madison Area Community Land Trust's Troy Gardens project in Madison, WI. This project was selected for three primary reasons: (1) it includes an unusually wide variety of land uses, (2) it is a model of conservation-based affordable housing development, and (3) almost every conceivable issue was encountered during the development process.

Our notion of a case study is not to present some perfect project that everyone should emulate. On the contrary, we know that no project is perfect, and our hope is that this case study will stimulate all kinds of discussions -- include a spirited critique of the project -- because we can't get better at what we do unless we are willing to acknowledge that we can always do better.

In the months ahead, a great deal of content will be added to this website -- so stay tuned!


Greg Rosenberg
Madison Area Community Land Trust