Screenshot of Troy Gardens Online Course
A key element of the Troy Gardens Case study is the development of a companion Distance Learning Course. This course is being designed to provide not only to provide a detailed overview of the project, but to provide course participants with the opportunity to take some of the lessons learned at Troy Gardens and apply them in their own communities. We expect to go live with this course in the second half of 2008.

CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE COURSE -- and let us know what you think! And if you think you might be interested in enrolling in this course when it is offered, please send us an email.

Here is a sample of course topics:

Neighborhood-Based Planning

Referencing Troy Gardens along with examples from other communities, with some basic grounding in urban planning concepts and community organizing.

Community Engagement

Community engagement with local, state and federal government to purchase public-owned land for the benefit of the community.

Conservation-Based Affordable Housing

Integrating greenspace preservation and food systems security into the work of CLT’s.

Cohousing and CLTs

Applying the cohousing model to community land trusts, where the CLT is the lead developer.

Mixed-Income Community Development

Identifying the key components to creating healthy mixed-income communities.

Universal Design

Universal Design – creating communities that are accessible to all potential homebuyers (and their guests), and that enable homeowners to remain in their homes for the entire lifespan.

Condominiums and CLTs

Different approaches to CLT condominium documents, looking at the use of master ground leases, individual ground leases, deed restrictions, and land use restriction agreements.