Preliminary construction budget for Troy Gardens does not contain enough funds to cover cost of Common House, unless (a) we raise the sale price $10,000 to $20,000 per unit, and/or (b) significantly reduce the size of each condo unit.

MACLT Board directs MACLT Executive Director to design condo units to be large enough to work well in the event that MACLT is not able to build a Common House. As a result, units are made larger, with full basements.

Cohousing Common House becomes the Troy Gardens Community Center, based on (a) need to raise funds from individual donors/businesses and foundations to cover cost of construction; (b) need of Friends of Troy Gardens for teaching, meeting and office space.
First draft of floor plan completed with architect Jim Glueck.

MACLT's attorney advises that MACLT needs to retain ownership of building, because a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity needs to own the building in order for project to receive foundation grants and donations from individuals and businesses.

Grant application to the Madison Community Foundation (Sept 2003) - $75,000 awarded.