Work on 3-D models continues, with first detailed draft completed in January 2007
MACLT Board begins discussion of increasing size of office space at Nature Education Center to accommodate MACLT staff. By Spring 2007, Board indicates its strong support for moving MACLT offices to Troy Gardens.

MACLT Executive Director has a number of individual conversations with staff from Friends of Troy Gardens, as well as homeowners at Troy Gardens, to get feedback on 3-D design. Presentations made to Friends of Troy Gardens Board in Spring 2007.

Revised 3-D model, now showing expanded office space
First presentation to Troy Gardens Condo Association in August 2007.

September 2007 -- MACLT finally gets confirmation of $160,000 in grant funds from DNR.

Total funding commitments from DNR, Veridian Homes Foundation and Madison Community Foundation now total $257,500.

Troy Gardens Condo Association meets in September 2007 to discuss their hopes and dreams for the building.
MACLT puts together draft document to start to process of answering the question of "who decides what" in moving forward in the design process
Revised 3-D model and floor plan, reflecting Condo Association input from 9/23/07
MACLT meets with both Troy Gardens Condo Association and Friends of Troy Gardens on October 17, 2007, to review latest version of 3-D model, and to begin to lay out the framework for collaborating on the design process going forward.