Drawings of future Troy Gardens Sustainable Living Education Center
This building is the final element to complete Troy Gardens, designed to be a gathering place for all the people who live, garden, steward, and just plain enjoy Troy Gardens.

The concept for this building has evolved considerably over the years, reflecting a deepening understanding of the purposes of the building, a better understanding of the fundraising challenges for a project such as this, as well as a growing commitment by the Madison Area CLT to greenbuilding and universal design practices.

In the summer of 2008, we are in the midst of a “community conversation” about the goals for the building -- which has caused the Madison Area CLT as developer to open our minds to changes in purpose, design, as well as location of the building. By the end of September 2008, we hope to have agreement between the Friends of Troy Gardens, the Troy Gardens Cohousing Community, and Madison Area CLT for the direction of this project.

The Chronology section provides a great deal of detail about the evolution of this building, including meeting notes, funding proposals, etc. The Design section provides a window in the evolution of the building's design in 2007.