Photo of Troy Gardens groundbreaking
Troy Gardens has been a team effort from the very beginning. Many people and organizations have worked over the years to save this land from becoming just another vinyl-clad subdivision, and to dream big dreams and to make them happen. This is a partial list of the organizations that have helped make Troy Gardens possible.

Lead Developer
Madison Area Community Land Trust: MACLT owns the land in two parcels: (a) conservancy parcel of 26 acres, and (b) housing parcel of 5 acres. MACLT coordinated the negotiation process with the City of Madison regarding funding for acquisition, housing construction, and the Planned Unit Development (PUD) process. MACLT constructed 30 units of mixed-income cohousing at Troy Gardens in 2006 - 2007, and will be building a community center at Troy Gardens in 2009.

Development and Stewardship of Natural Areas
Friends of Troy Gardens: FTG grew out of the coalition that saved the land and developed the master plan for Troy Gardens. FTG runs summer youth programs, operates an organic CSA (community supported agriculture) farm, supports the second largest community garden in Madison, and restores and maintains the natural areas of Troy Gardens.

Other Key Development Partners

Additional Funding Provided by